About Dan


Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. This page is for telling you a bit about myself.

I'm a native Oklahoman from the Tulsa area. I attended Tulsa schools through high school (East Central) and then located to Norman, OK for a few years of college and over 20 years in my painting business.


I currently live northeast of Pryor and have done work in this area for about 10 years. I really like the feel of the community. Hobbies I like are kayaking, hanging out at the lake and going to the Pryor Creek Recreation Center to get the kinks out. I also enjoy pets and playing catch (football, Frisbee, baseball) with anyone willing.

My painting career started on a farm and ranch on the east side of Tulsa where I would paint fences, the house, tractors and the hay truck. I remember being on top of the house in the summer, painting a roof edge overlooking a large produce garden and listening to 70's music on the radio. The song, "Afternoon Delight," comes to mind.




In my business, I started out with exterior painting and repairs, followed by interior painting, wallcoverings, stains, finishes and textures. Later, I picked up color washes, glazes, sky and clouds on ceilings and other specialty finishes.

I take pride in being able to offer my acquired talents and I can promise that you will be impressed with my business skills, positive attitude, and always exceptional work.