"Professional work, competitively priced"

Much of the work that I do is for customers who desire affordable and professional-grade work, usually at their residences. My pricing reflects professional work, competitively priced.

I like to offer a fair price. Compare my price to other offers (or, to your own expectations) and if I'm not close enough to the mark, let me know and I will see what I can do. I like to do business.

When working by the hour, a rate of $25/hr. is what I want to be getting most of the time. If this rate is beyond your budget, let's talk. Or, ask for an estimate which you can compare to other offers.

I often work by the hour because the work is easy to invoice, and add-ons to a job figure right in without having to do a separate estimate.

Some work I will price only by an estimate. For some types of work, I will charge more than $25/hr. When work is slow coming in, I sometimes offer an attractive price to get things moving.


My invoices (click here for a sample invoice) provide a detailed look at how I track a job for labor and materials costs. There is no markup on materials, although I usually charge for the time I spend acquiring those materials. Invoices are presented on Mondays for payment of work performed the previous week. I do not accept advance payments unless there is a sizable amount of materials that need to be purchased before the work can begin. My work quality is my contract. I only ask that customers pay in weekly increments for work performed. If something is wrong with the work, I need to know so that I can make corrections. My motto is, "If you're not satisfied, then my job is not done."