Below are some of the services that I offer:

-Specialty finishes-

I can create textures that work hand in hand with color washes and glazes. See "Portfolio" for examples. These techniques can also deliver an "Olde World" look. Color washes and glazes are available on walls, trim, cabinets, entryway doors, or almost any surface of your choice.

One of my specialties is installing "blue sky" on ceilings, and adding some sprayed on clouds. See the Portfolio for more examples of this technique.
I also apply decorator coatings that can be found in most paint stores. These coatings include Venetian plaster, suede paint, sand paint, and various types of glazes that can be used for wall stripes, accents, and many other applications.
Color washed walls
Cabinet glazing
Stained and refinished stairs


I do stain, finish work and refinishing. I can repair a distressed stain/finish or layer the same color or darker stain over it. I can also repair surface coatings by touching up.

Furniture refinishing


-Color Consulting -

I can help you pick colors and work with you on design specifications.



-Interior and exterior painting-

I can paint anything, inside or outside. I have advanced skill and experience in exterior restoration, and for years have restored some of the charming bungalows in the core area of Norman and around the University of Oklahoma. This work often involves sanding, pressure

washing, repair, priming, caulking and top coating. I'm particularly adept at tracking down and repairing damage caused by water leaks. I also prep and finish outdoor decks (see portfolio).

-Repair/replace doors and windows-

Sometimes doors and windows can be refinished, sometimes they have to be replaced. Painting is my main line of work, but sometimes doors or windows are in such bad shape that I replace them. I can modify the decorative look of doors to suit your specifications.



I can remove and replace old wallcoverings. Often, I will put a new covering over an old one. I can even texture and paint over some coverings. I can hang any wallcovering that is out there, including grass cloth and other difficult coverings. I do very little commercial vinyl.


-Cabinet Refacing-

I am offering cabinet refacing as a new line of service, using the excellent products from the Quality Doors Company. Cabinet refacing is a way to quickly give your cabinets a new look by ordering and installing new doors, drawer fronts and siding veneer. You may view the Quality Doors catalog by clicking on their logo.

Lowe's has a Quality Doors display, along with brochures and video tapes. I can also provide you with this information, along with actual door and veneer samples, measurements and special pricing on your selections.


I can repair walls, do carpentry, repair windows (including double-hung, wood framed windows), replace glass, refinish wood flooring, and install light fixtures and ceiling fans. I can do any number of repairs in and around a property. Just ask -- chances are that I can do it!