Textures for Walls and Ceilings

Here are some common hand textures for you to view. Textures and variations of textures number in the hundreds, and are kind of like Forest Gump's friend Bubba's description on the number of ways to fix shrimp. The textures displayed are textures I do predominately, and they go well with paint, color washes and glazes. I can match just about any texture, although some remain a mystery without knowing the recipe. Custom hand textures offer randomness that blow-on machine textures do not.


Mediterranean - also known as "Brocade."

Coarse texture

Applied with a "square hawk" tool, with the top of the texture smoothed with a trowel.

Great on ceilings






Southwest Troweled Texture

Great with washes and glazes




Cement Trowel Texture

Low profile

Great with washes and glazes

Has an "Olde World" look




"Crow's Foot" texture

Also known as "Panda Paw," or "Cantaloupe"

Great with washes and glazes





"Broomed" texture

Low profile

Fast application on walls and ceilings

Another example of a creative texture: "Drag & swirl"
    Texture smoothing          

On the left, acoustic popcorn texture removal. On the right,
cement trowel texture.

Above and below: machine texture